We’ve spent years constructing beautiful homes for people in the Okanagan. With all that experience, our team has learned everything there is to know about designing and building unique dwellings that are the product of their owner’s original inspiration. You can’t go wrong in hiring our crew. Not only do we have the expertise you’re looking for, our friendly, understanding service makes working with us a fun and enjoyable experience.

Do you desire a custom home, but don’t feel that you need to design one from the ground up? We have a catalog of our own pre-designed models you can choose from. These lovely models are diverse, ranging in style, functionality, size, and accommodations. When you select one of these models, you’ll have the option to leave it as is, or use it as a basis for customization. With just a few changes here and there, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind home with minimal design efforts. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful new abode that meets your family’s every need.

Tailored for you.

When we tackle your custom home project, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a home that matches your way of life. We won’t impose our ideas. Instead, we will work with you as a team to develop a home design that builds upon your own. We pay special attention to your feedback and instructions, ensuring that you get a home that is made to perfectly suit your tastes and requirements.

Our process.

Getting your home’s design right is another crucial thing that must be settled before construction can begin. By finishing the design first, you won’t have to worry about missed opportunities, compromised quality, or inconveniences later in the process. Beautiful architecture and optimal layouts will be secured. We help you get the perfect home design by offering you our expertise and design-based services. Our floor planning will give you the best layout possible, while 3D rendering allows you to preview your ideas. And with the aid of our interior designers, you’ll be able to make your home stylish and personalized, inside and out.

Before the first brick is laid, you need to have a plan for your home’s construction. Without one that is smart and thorough, it’s only a matter of time before your whole project derails. As professional contractors, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to formulate the best of plans for custom home construction. Once you’ve hired us to build, we will start the process by working with you to develop the best construction strategy. The resulting plan will accommodate your time, budget, and all other factors and restraints. Because we involve you in this process, you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to the steps and stages of your build. We’ll keep you well informed from the very beginning.

The final step in the process is also the most exciting. Each day of the building phase, you’ll get to see your custom home come closer and closer to completion. We will have our full team at your disposal, meaning that you won’t need to hire different subcontractors for specific points of work. We cover it all, and do so with skill. Every member of our team has dedicated themselves to learning the best techniques of the trade, and their combined years of expertise spans decades. Also, with a professional project manager at the head of it all, you won’t need to worry about delegating. They’ll handle it all for you, ensuring that each step of your custom home’s construction goes smoothly.


We understand that building a home is a complex project and some folks don’t have the luxury of time but are looking for a quality new home. For more information and photos check out our quick possession homes here.


WAMCO Homes guarantees all homes we build under the 2-5-10 year New Home Warranty coverage backed by Travelers Canada. Every new home comes with a worry-free, comprehensive New Home Warranty that covers the entire home. We stand by our work, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Protect your investment with a 2-5-10-year New Home Warranty for the ultimate peace of mind. For more information on our warranty coverage click here.


WAMCO Homes understands that it can be difficult to finance a new build for some and construction mortgages are nothing but complex and expensive. We are more than willing to discuss the possibility of financing some of our clients custom home projects. Contact us today to find out more information.